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Miso Wholewheat Bread
Curry Buns
Sourdough Bread

I love....


Macha loaf cake

Macha, white chocolate, and walnut


Hokkaido Milky Bread


Sounds like Mick Jagger! I use sliced beef in my version, which is hearty winter warmer meal; beef and potato stew.

Japanese sausage roll

Bread dough is very milky and soft.

Bacon roll

Ideal for your quick breakfast!


My ramen (soy sauce soup) with soft boiled egg, spicy minced beef, smocked hams, finely sliced spring onions.

Japanese milk bread with sesami seeds

I usually make some sandwiches with this sasami milky bread

Yogurt Pancake

If you find some yogurt in your fridge, let's make fluffy pancake with it! Very easy to make in your busy morning and tasty..!

Maki's Stilton & Broccoli Quiche
Maki's Stilton & Broccoli Quiche

This is one of my favorite quiche. Best combination..!

Japanese croquet

Crispy Japanese panko outside, creamy smooth mashed potato mixed with tuna & mayonnaise inside.

Wholemeal sourdough bread
Discard sourdough biscuits

Nice roast flavor! Good combination with raisins & walnuts.

Home-made giant beef burger

Burger buns and beef pates are made at home, much better taste and great fun to put anything I want between buns!

On a sunny day.....

sitting outside with my favorite Gin&Soda...

Home-made Jerk Chicken Pie
Beef mince pie
Origami - Kangaroo
Almond tart
Origami - Snail
Tarta de Santiago
Origami - Lizard
Birthday rose on my birthday
White cob
Japanese Cherry Blossom
My Brunch

Smoked salmon & cream cheese on sourdough bread

Origami - Rabbit
Bread roll

Pancetta with cheddar cheese

Origami - Crane
Pumpkin whole wheat bread


My dream comes true.


I used to work hard as marketing services manager, sales manager and sales administration manager at some companies in Tokyo Japan. I got up at 5:00 in the morning, back home around mid-night by my last train almost every day. I did some extra work at home even Saturday and Sunday. I dedicated myself to those companies having multiple tasks, just wanted to support people in my way. It sounds like very Japanese, doesn't it? 

My Japanese

Curry Buns

It's very popular in Japan with people of all ages from children to the elderly. We enjoy eating curry buns, sometime at lunch, or as a light snack in the afternoon. It's easy to find it at bakery. Most of them are not baked, but deep-fried which is original way to make. I prefer baked curry buns, because the dough texture is more lighter and softer, better taste when you eat it with Japanese curry, not oily flavor, and it's healthy! I use my own receipt on both of the dough and the curry filling, you would find something different but deliciousness on my curry buns. You can not find this buns anywhere else, only in Rowarth. "Best curry buns in Rowarth."

If you have some drinks,

Get some Maki's curry buns too!

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